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BikeYoga Launches New eBooks Targeting Cycling-Related RSIs


PORTLAND, OREGON, NOVEMBER 23, 2015 – BikeYoga, a flexibility and active recovery program designed specifically for cyclists, is releasing two new products benefiting cyclists dealing with chronic aches and pains due to cycling-related repetitive strain.

Although cycling is highly regarded as a low-impact form of exercise and recreation, there is risk of injury for daily and regular cyclists. From mountain biking to road racing, cyclocross to urban commuting, cycling involves a great deal of repetitive movements—movements which can result in musculoskeletal imbalances and cause pain and dysfunction.

Developed by therapeutic movement expert, Üma Kleppinger, the BikeYoga programs offer a simple but powerful combination of gentle movements and deep stretching designed to improve range of motion, ease constrictions, and eliminate pain.

In addition to providing expert movement therapy and yoga instruction for over 15 years Kleppinger is, herself, a lifelong cyclist. In 2007 she was hit by a vehicle while on a training ride, effectively ending her ability to pursue an amateur road racing career. The experience led her to create a gentle program to benefit cyclists dealing with chronic pain, whether due to traumatic injury or repetitive stress.

“Doctors frequently prescribe yoga for muscle tightness, soreness and pain, but too many yoga classes are full of trick poses and flashy choreography that is out of reach for many cyclists,” said Kleppinger. “I developed BikeYoga to be accessible to everyone—no yoga experience required. I wanted to create something that would be effective for serious riders.”

The BikeYoga Therapeutic eBook blends traditional yoga postures with other forms of movement therapies. The practice takes about 20 minutes to complete and is designed to be used as a daily practice or pre- or post-ride. Most of the exercises are performed seated or lying down on the floor.

The BikeYoga Basic Whole Body Tune-Up is the eBook version of the print book published in 2010. It has been simplified and edited to provide an even more accessible but thorough full-body “tune-up”. It is more vigorous than the Therapeutic program, suitable for more experienced yoga practitioners.

“People stereotype yoga as a women’s activity, but that’s like saying only men go mountain biking. As a fairly serious mountain biker, I take exception to these stereotypes—especially when the women’s market is growing in the bike industry,” Kleppinger said.

“About 70% of my customers are male cyclists with little to no yoga exposure. My programs delivers a simple and effective method to reduce cycling related pain and restrictions, without all the new-agey woo-woo found in many regular yoga classes. It’s really a movement practice for cyclists—regardless of gender—not yoga for hard core yoga fans.”

The BikeYoga Therapeutic & Recovery eBook retails for $10.97 and is available for purchase now at The Basic Whole Body Tune-Up will be available November 30, 2015 at the website and will retail for $13.99.