Bike Yoga Ninja Yoga Video

The philosophy behind BikeYoga is simple: do some basic yoga exercises for body and mind to help balance the effects of a strong cycling “habit”. This work also applies to desk jockeys or people who drive for a living, or people who sit at a desk for long period, or pretty much anyone who has a living body! Our bodies were made to move in all sorts of creative ways, but we tend to move in very limited patterns when we sit, drive, or even walk or ride.

My mission is to give people tools for self-care that minimize the need for endless chiropractic visits or time spent injured or hurting. Self care is simple, but in our busy lives too often we’re at the bottom of our own to-do list. Our time is limited, and so is our attention. And self-care sounds so serious. We’re much more likely to do things we find enjoyable or at least entertaining.

In the spirit of serious playfulness, and playful seriousness, I offer you a top secret spring training sneak preview, below.