BikeYoga Book

NEW! The BikeYoga Therapeutic & Recovery Program eBook
The fastest way to happier hips, a limber lumbar, and stress-free shoulders. 20 minutes a day is all you need to feel better fast! Sciatica, wrist pain, hip flexor discomfort—these and more typical cycling overuse injuries will begin to resolve through gentle, easy movements that really work.
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BikeYoga: A Simple Practice to Tune Up Your Body and Mind
This easy-to-follow manual guides users through a complete yet simple practice designed to address the musculoskeletal demands of cycling. Reduce lactic acid buildup, keep muscles supple and relaxed, improve recovery, range of motion and flexibility, and increase general comfort—both on and off the bike. Spiral bound for ease of use, the book opens up to lay flat, allowing the user to move through the sequence pose-by-pose with photos and descriptions side-by-side.

NEW IN THIS EDITION: A 20-minute therapeutic section design to be used as a gentle daily practice, or as a pre-or post-ride recovery session. This easy session feels amazing after a long or challenging effort, as if you’ve just received a great massage!
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